Whistle Punk Farm Food Truck

Our food truck concept is simple, farm to fork fare prepared fresh to order and customized the way you want it. We source ingredients from many small, sustainable farms throughout Frederick and Washington counties and our menu changes frequently to highlight the fresh produce and meats available to us throughout the year. We specialize in creating delicious handcrafted, grilled sandwiches and subs, gourmet sliders, seasonal sides, and delicious soups.

For updated information regarding our food truck schedule and weekly menus, visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WhistlePunkFoodTruck

Do you have an upcoming event? Go to our Contact Us page and submit the online form with information about your venue. We will be back in touch soon to discuss how we can assist you.

 Whistle Punk Farm produces these ingredients/items for our food truck:

  1. Eggs-  Our eggs are produced by chickens who enjoy free ranging through forests and pasture eating grasses, legumes, berries, and bugs. They are supplemented with feed free from GMOs, antibiotics, or growth hormones and return to the “egg house” to lay eggs daily. You will enjoy a colorful pallete of brown, green, blue, and white eggs with deep orange yolks! We do not provide our chickens with artificial lights to enhance their production numbers, so their production does naturally decline in the winter months.
  2. Chicken- We raise a variety of heritage chickens on pasture and woodlands. Our chickens free range throughout our property, only returning to a coop at night to protect them against predators. If you visit them farm, you will likely be greeted by our friendly, happy gals.
  3. Pork- We raise Heritage pigs on pasture and woodlands. Approximately 75% of their diet comes from grasses, legumes, brassicas, acorns, fruits, veggies, apple pomace, and bugs. We supplement a small amount of locally grown non-GMO grains to give them a nutritionally balanced diet.

Whistle Punk Farm Food Truck purchases these ingredients from local farms:

  1. Produce- We purchase a variety of seasonal fruits, herbs, and vegetables from local, sustainable farms in Washington and Frederick counties. We believe it’s important to support small sustainable farms in our community who are dedicated to producing the highest quality foods.
  2. Beef- We purchase much of our beef from local farms because we do not produce enough to meet the quantity needed for our food truck. We select producers who raise their animals humanely; animals are treated with respect, fed high quality grains, given full access to sun, lush pasture, and not raised in a feedlot environment. Meat purchased will always be free from antibiotics!
  3. Pork- Yes, you read that right, even though we produce pasture and woodland raised and grazed pork, we sometimes need to supplement our food truck’s needs with pork produced by other local farmers. We purchase heritage pork from local farms who raise their animals humanely and feed local, non-GMO grains.
  4. Cheese- We use local cheese on our signature meals.
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