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Individual Cuts & Samplers

Bacon $12/LB- So, so, so delicious!! We just took bacon to a whole ‘nutha level, but don’t take our word for it. Buy it now because this will sell out soon.

Jowl Bacon $12/LB- This is the lesser known form of bacon. It’s lesser known because this is a favorite of farmers and we don’t like to share (kidding). Seriously though, this bacon comes from the cheek vs. the belly of the pig and it’s oh so good!

Ribeye Style Chops (bone in) $9/LB- Thick, tender, beautifully colored and intensely marbled bone in chops are full of flavor with a hint of sweetness. Two pork chops per pack.

Pork Steaks $9/LB- Thick, juicy, and ready to throw on the grill! These pork steaks are a favorite and they sell out quickly so get them while you can!

Seasonal Specialty Sausage Grillers (hard apple cider sizzlers, andouille, and Chorizo) $9/lb. These grillers are our most popular grillers with bold flavor profiles designed to inspire your culinary passion and delight your taste buds.

Standard grillers (sweet Italian, hot Italian, and beer brats) $9/lb. These classic grillers are great year round, whether you cook them on the grill or in your favorite cast iron skillet, these delicious grillers won’t let you down!

Pork Butt, Loin End Roast, or Picnic (bone in) $9/LB- You’ll swear it’s beef with its deep red color and beautiful marbling. So tender and delicious you will wish you had bought more.

Pork Ribs- $6/LB -Tender, juicy pork ribs are an excellent addition to your menu. Easy to prepare and kids love them too.

Loose Sausage $9/pack (Sage, Italian, or Sweet Italian)- The delicate flavor profile of our sausage makes the perfect for any meal or occasion!

Maple Links $12/pack- I’m not going to lie, I almost didn’t list these on the sale page so I could keep them all to myself. They are AMAZING! I’m certain these will sell out soon so get them while you can.

Local, fresh, healthy, humanely raised meat for your family…it doesn’t get much better than that!

Whole and Half Hog orders are being accepted now.

Small Whole Hog-

Our small whole hog option is perfect for your backyard party or holiday get together. These small hogs are typically 25-45 pounds dressed and can fit on your grill , fire pit, or in your regular sized smoker. Preordering is required since we must make an appointment with the processor. The cost is $150 and this includes processing. Delivery can be arranged for a fee.

The Whole Hog Option-

Don’t have the space or time to raise a pig? No problem, we’ve got you covered! We raised your pig on pasture and woodlands, free from antibiotics and growth hormones, and supplement with non-GMO grains. Our pastured whole hogs reach a targeted live weight of 250-300 lbs (varies of course). You pay us for the hog, we will haul your pig to the local USDA butcher for you, and you pay the butcher separately based on the cuts you want.

Interested in raising your own pigs? We also offer registered and feeder GOS piglets several times a year.

Registered Red or Black Group Gilts-    up to 14 teats- $375     over 14 teats- $450

Registered Red or Black Group Boars-  up to 14 teats- $350     over 14 teats- $425

Barrows- $175

Reserve your piglet today with $100 deposit.

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